Box + Flow

Box + Flow

In a world with only ten ClassPass classes per month, it’s hard to convince myself to try a new type of workout, even if it’s something I might like. After all, there are over 1,000 studios on ClassPass in NYC, many of which I know I like. But I try to push myself outside of my comfort zone, and I started this blog to review all types of workouts in NYC, so I made myself try something completely new: boxing. Ok, not completely new… I decided to ease into boxing by trying Box + Flow, a hot new studio that, you guessed it–offers a boxing/yoga hybrid class. It turns out these two very different workouts actually complement each other.

The Studio

Box + Flow is located in Noho on the second floor of a walk-up building. For the most part, this entire studio is one room, so don’t show up too early to class or you’ll have nowhere to go! Once you’re inside, the room has a line of punching bags (probably not the technical term, but it’s my first class so this is what I’m going with) and spots for yoga mats. There’s a bathroom stall, a couple of changing booths, cubbies for your stuff, and a side room where you can purchase water and hand wraps. Speaking of hand wraps, you’re required to have them for class. The studio sells them for $5, and you can keep them for all of your boxing needs.

Overall, this space leaves a bit to be desired–a waiting area and locker room would be nice, but with the amount of success the studio has seen already, I’m sure they’ll expand soon.

The Instructor

I took class with Caitlin, who was super fun and down-to-earth. 10/10 would hang with after class. She coached us through the boxing portion of class and made adjustments and pushed us to give 110%, but then led a calming yoga flow after. I’d definitely take her class again!

The Class

Class begins with a warm-up of boxing moves done at your mat using light, 3 pound weights. This helps warm up your body and also teaches you the difference between jabs and other moves (clearly I retained all of this information). From there, you’ll move to the heavy punching bags, where you’ll work individually through the oves you learned at your mat. The instructor will walk around and encourage you and correct form, which is awesome.

Class then moves into partner work, alternating through “speed” and “power” segments. You’ll do 30 seconds at the bag as fast as you can while your partner holds the bag and cheers you on, then switch partners; you’ll then go 30 seconds as hard as you can, and then switch partners again. In between sets, you’ll do additional exercises like mountain climbers, wall sits, and planks. At this point in class, I was super sweaty, super into it, and surprised at the amount of pent-up aggression I have…I guess barre doesn’t really touch on a person’s inner rage :-p

Halfway through class, you’ll take off your gloves and wraps and transition to your yoga mat, where the teacher leads you through a 30 minute flow. The flow is definitely on the more restorative side, but there was core work incorporated too, so don’t expect a power nap.

The Vibe

Class was a mix of guys and girls, most in their mid-to-late twenties. While this is a boutique studio, it felt more down-to-earth than some of the other studios I go to, and looked like less of a scene than Rumble or some of the other boxing studios that are all over my Instagram feed.

The Damage

First class is $20! After that, classes are $33. The studio is also on FitReserve and Classpass.