Classpass Month in Review: April/May

Classpass Month in Review: April/May

After freezing Classpass to do the intro month at Pure Barre, I returned to the platform (the Classpass kind, not the Pure Barre kind) in mid-April for some more variety. This month was significant in that it’s the first month where Classpass limited me to only 10 classes per month. Luckily, you can add on classes–I added a 3-pack, and also figured out some other solutions for getting my workouts in. Follow the studio links to read my reviews of each class.

Month in Review: April 16th – May 15th

Classpass Classes

Dancebody (3x) –  I tried to scam the system and book my one “hold” class before unfreezing, in hopes of getting four Dancebody classes over the course of a month. Unfortauntely, the system was onto me and only let me book 2 classes the following month 🙁

Box + Flow (1x) – I’d heard great things about Box + Flow and was super excited to see it on Classpass. This was an awesome workout and I highly recommend it. Check out my review for more info.

Physique 57 (2x) – My fave barre studio in the city. It’s good to be back!

Pure Barre (2x) – I returned to my intro month studio for a class with a college friend who’s also a member at the studio. I visited Pure Barre’s Tribeca location for my other class, which felt weird after spending five weeks at a different location. Still a good class, though.

Barry’s Bootcamp (2x) – Barry’s is quickly becoming one of my favorite workouts since I discovered the double floor option (instead of the treadmill segments, you do the weights series again). This is perfect since I hate running, and it pushes me out of my comfort zone by working with heavier weights.

Pop Physique (1x) – Met a friend for a class here this month. I enjoy this studio but it’s definitely one of the easier barre classes, in my opinion–good for when your body needs a bit of a break but you still want to be active. Or when you’re hungover.

Flybarre (1x) – Always a good workout at this studio–I’ve been a fan since I lived in the DC area.

Bar Method (1x) – I really thought I was going to have one leftover class this cycle, but I was able to sneak in a Bar Method class while traveling to Boston for work. This isn’t my favorite method, but it was nice to squeeze a workout in while traveling, especially when the studio was right across the street from my office.


Aqua Studio (1x…ish) – Two of my fitness-instagrammer friends co-hosted a “Land + Sea” Earth Day event at Aqua Studio. We participated in a 45 minute “land” class, similar to mat Pilates, followed by the studio’s signature offering: Aqua Cycling. Yes, you ride a bike underwater. This class was definitely the most unique I’ve ever taken and I’ll be posting a review of it shortly!

305 Fitness (1x) – I purchased the two-for-one intro offer at 305 Fitness, knowing I’d be looking for more dance cardio once I ran out of Classpass classes. My first class here (not including the class I took with Well + Good last fall, which I previously reviewed) went horribly – I hadn’t done dance cardio in a month and it definitely showed. I wasn’t able to use my second class until later in May, but I’m happy to report that that class was much better!

CorePower Yoga (1x) – CorePower offered a free class in the NYC Midtown Hilton as part of their pre-studio opening promotion. I’ve taken CorePower before and enjoy the athletic method but hate the heated room, so this was a great solution for me. Overall, their class is a good workout but it’s definitely the Panda Express of yoga, if you will (super Americanized version of a cultural experience + you will want a shower afterwards).

Dancebody (4x) – As part of Dancebody’s “Get May’d” Challenge, I challenged myself to at least 10 classes in the month of May. Many people are aiming for 20-25, but this seemed doable for me given travel, Classpass classes I needed to use, etc. However, I’ve been slacking a bit! Of the four classes noted here, only three took place in the  month of May. This month has been so busy. I definitely will be at Dancebody more frequently throughout the remainder of the month!