Classpass – The Final Months In Review (Part III)

Classpass – The Final Months In Review (Part III)

If you’re an NYC boutique fitness buff, you obviously know by now that Classpass has discontinued its unlimited plan. The decision was announced in November 2016, and while unlimited members were kicked to the 10-class plan, they did give us three months of 20 classes at the 10-class rate. Here’s a look back at my final months of 20 classes – month two. I’ve reviewed most of these studios, so click on the studio names to read more!


Part III: February 10th – March 9th
21 classes (18 Classpass + 3 Other)


  • Physique 57 (3x) – I hit up my favorite barre studio 3x this month, maxing out on my Classpass visits. I took Signature and F.I.T. at the Soho studio, but I also took a class at the Beverly Hills location while visiting a friend in LA! It was cool to see the different, cross-country location.
  • Pop Physique (1x) – I finally went to check out Pop’s new Bowery location, conveniently around the corner from Whole Foods. This location, like their NoMad location, is quirky-cute with fun wallpaper. Unfortunately, one of the classrooms has fluorescent lighting and no windows, so if you’re in that room (like I was) it can get a little gloomy.
  • Pure Barre (2x) – Pure Barre is another favorite of mine in that you always know you’ll get a great ab workout. Since I purchased their new client special for my first month post-Classpass, I tried to limit myself here…but failed a bit since it’s very close to my apartment.

Dance Cardio

  • DanceBody (6x) – No, I didn’t discover a Classpass hack that allows me to visit >3x, sadly. I used all three of my Classpass DanceBody classes, as well as the remaining classes from the 5-pack I purchased in-studio. If I could afford to get a five pack every two months, I would–after 11 classes in two months, I’d fully nailed the choreography and felt like a rockstar!
  • Body By Simone (1x) – As I’d mentioned in my review, BBS is suuuper far from…anything (it’s on 11th avenue!). However, I saw that Beth Nicely started teaching Monday nights. She’s the toughest and overall best BBS teacher, so I made the trek. This was the first time I’d taken her class in about a year–I took her class when I first moved to the city and died. It was awesome to 1. be able to keep up for the entire class,and 2. stand in the front row–I really felt the progress I’d made over the past year, even without #TransformationTuesday photos.


  • Exhale Flow Yoga (1x) – I’ve reviewed Exhale’s Core Fusion barre class, but not their yoga. This particular instructor (Isaac) was recommended by a fellow dancer after I told her that I’m still searching for my perfect yoga studio. Sure enough, there was a lot of flexibility work and a ton of other dancers in the class, which I enjoyed. I don’t know if I’ll become a regular here, but I definitely enjoyed the class.
  • Yoga Vida (1x) – I’ve been to Yoga Vida numerous times and they offer a solid yoga class but don’t really have a “wow” factor for me. This instructor was relatively new (unless she was wearing someone else’s Winter 2016 Yoga Teacher Training sweatshirt) but was the best I’ve taken at this studio–creative, calming, and at times challenging flow.
  • Laughing Lotus (1x) – I reviewed this class in detail, but Laughing Lotus is definitely the most hippie-like studio I’ve attended. I loved the flow, though, so I’ll definitely be back.


  • Bari Studio (1x) – I have mixed opinions on Bari because some classes are great but others are boring. Hybrid: Speed Racer with Tiffani was fantastic, though–all three segments (dance cardio, trampoline, and toning) were challenging and she kept the energy up. I left feeling tired and accomplished!
  • The P.E. Club (1x) – The P.E. Club is a cute neighborhood spot in the Upper East Side that offers personal training, as well as a variety of classes. Their Long and Lean class is similar to barre (think low weight, high rep movements) but uses a lot of fun props like bands and sliders in place of the barre. This class was fun and Kevin moved seamlessly between exercises, but I find barre classes more challenging.

Strength Training/HIIT

  • Barry’s (1x) – I finally mustered up the courage to take class at Barry’s and I’m so glad I did. This was a great full-body workout in a fun environment and I’ll definitely be back.
  • The Fhitting Room (2x) – I usually try to take class at the Fhitting Room once per Classpass cycle, always at the Upper East Side location. This time, I got into their FhitPit class at the Flatiron location. This location has showers, unlike the UES studio. The FhitPit class is capped at 10 students, but you’re getting about the same amount of instructor attention because there’s one teacher (vs two in a regular class). Mark’s workout was great and I was super sore the next day, but I prefer the energy in a regular, full-sized class at this studio.

As you can see, I didn’t use all 20 of my Classpass classes, but 18/20 isn’t too bad (especially for the price of 10). There’s something to be said for workout/life balance and not cramming in multiple classes when your body just isn’t feeling it.

I’ve decided to freeze my Classpass for the first time in ages–I’m going to do the Pure Barre NYC new client special. It’s usually 4 weeks for $149, but they added on an extra week for Classpass clients, which is great! I’m about 1.5 weeks in and I’m loving it so far.

As always, let me know of other studios to check out (either to review or just for fun), especially if they’re on Classpass!