Boxing workouts are super popular right now in NYC. They’re an amazing full-body workout and a great way to relieve stress after a long workday. Boutique boxing studios have been popping up left and right, each with a unique approach to the workout. Enter Shadowbox–a boxing studio that offers group classes on the punching bag, as well as ring-work exercises. This studio is great for first timers who have never boxed before and are too shy to try a one-on-one lesson with an instructor, as well as boxing regulars.

The Studio

Shadowbox is located in the Flatiron District in Manhattan, as well as in Dumbo. I attended class at the Flatiron studio. You’ll enter the studio and check in, renting gloves ($1) and buying wraps ($5) if you don’t have them. If you’re like me, you’ll bring your wraps from Box + Flow to save money, but then feel awkward when someone notices the logo.

As noted above, the studio has a boxing ring as well as a dark room for the fitness class, where up to 40 people can take class at once. I took a weekday 7:30pm class and every bag was booked! The studio has locker rooms too, but be forewarned, it’s super crowded between classes. My fave perk of this studio is its coffee bar–perfect for those working out earlier in the day. My only qualm with the studio is the lack of lockers. It was nearly impossible to find an open one during a peak time.

image via Shadowbox

The Instructor

I took class with Christina Jensen, fitness class extraordinaire–she has taught at Physique 57 and Solace in addition to Shadowbox. She had great energy and charisma and took time to explain the moves (jabs, crosses, etc.) before class, while also keeping the energy up throughout class. My only qualm was that I wish she gave newbies (i.e., me!) a bit of individual attention throughout class–she didn’t come up to me at all. That said, there are 40 clients in class and it’s hard to get to everyone! She does get bonus points for playing Sisqo, though. Always a plus in my book.

The Class

As noted above, class began with our instructor going over the different moves we’d see in class. This was a great touch for beginners.  Class then began with a brief warm up–a mix of jumping jacks, running in place, planks, etc. We then practiced the noted boxing moves with light weights to warm up even more and to get the hang of the moves.

From there, the bag work begins. There were 7-ish “rounds,” each with a different focus (power, speed, defense, etc.). The instructor gives you a set of moves and then you have a minute or so to do them. Between rounds, you’ll have an “active recovery”–think holding a squat or plank, juping jacks, etc. Class ends with two minutes of freestyle boxing, and then a cooldown with crunches and a stretch.

Overall, this was a fun class and can be as much of a workout as you want it to be. For me personally, I don’t love boxing, and I’d been doing barre training for four hours already that day, so I’d probably enjoy it more if I came back on a day where boxing was my solo workout. I’d definitely be down to try it again though–just wish they were on Classpass!

The Vibe

This studio has your typical boutique fitness vibe – a lot of 20- and 30-somethings who take fitness very seriously. However, the vibe wasn’t snooty, which can occur in boutique studios

The Damage

Your first class is $20, and after that, drop-ins are $35. Sadly, the studio is not on Classpass.