Warrior Bridge Yoga

Warrior Bridge Yoga

While living in DC, I took many Rocket Yoga classes. Contrary to what you might think, rocket yoga isn’t yoga on another planet; it’s a subset of ashtanga yoga that’s a bit less rigid and more playful–think lots of arm balances and inversions. Upon moving to NYC, I was surprised that I could only find this type of yoga at one spot: Warrior Bridge Yoga, a small studio in the Financial District/South Street Seaport area. After booking and cancelling multiple times, I finally made it to their class.

The Studio

Warrior Bridge is a small, no-frills spot near the water and walking distance from South Street Seaport. There are two practice areas: one in the basement, that I didn’t see, and one on the main level. The space doesn’t really have “zen” vibes, so go in expecting bare bones. I walked into a weekday 5:30pm class and there were only two other students and the instructor there. However, the studio also has acro yoga classes and martial arts, and I think these classes are more popular.

The Instructor

I took class with Liam, who has no bio on the website but told me that he used to teach at Yoga to the People before coming to Warrior Bridge. He was welcoming and though he was working through an injury and couldn’t demonstrate any of the poses, he offered good cues to talk us through. My main issue, though, is that he didn’t offer any hands-on adjustments. As noted above, our class only had three students, and since he wasn’t demonstrating the moves, I wish he would have come around and either corrected us or helped us get deeper into the poses, rather than just standing and talking.

The Class

Rocket usually follows a standard format–sun salutations A and B, followed by poses such as crow, warriors 1 and 2, side angles, etc. This class took a slower approach to yoga than I’m used to and is beginner friendly (though maybe not for your first yoga class EVER). There were a couple of inversion/arm balance opportunities (crow, headstand and forearm stand), but overall, I thought this was a relatively easy class compared to the rocket classes I took in DC. As a dancer and yogi, I didn’t feel particularly challenged, and I barely broke a sweat at all. I’d recommend this class to those curious to try a new type of yoga, but if you’re a hyper-bendy yogi, their acro class is probably a better fit (or check out Laughing Lotus).


The Damage

Here’s the good news! Warrior Bridge is on Classpass, but it’s also worth checking out their intro specials–five classes for $75. That’s a steal in NYC. After that, drop-in sessions are $20.